1. Advanced Numerical Techniques
  2. Analysis of Wood and Natural Fibre Composites
  3. Applications of Composites
  4. Auxetic materials and structures
  5. Beam, Plate and Shell Theories and Computational Models for Laminated Structures
  6. Composite Structures
  7. Composite structures in civil engineering
  8. Composites in Innovative Applications 
  9. Delamination, damage and fracture
  10. Design and application of composite structures
  11. Durability of composite materials
  12. Dynamics of Composite Materials
  13. Electro-thermal properties of composite materials
  14. Experimental Methods
  15. Failure of Composites
  16. FRP and Historic Masonry Structures
  17. FRP in concrete, steel and composite steel/concrete structures
  18. FRP reinforced concrete structures
  19. Functionally graded materials and structures
  20. Health Monitoring Techniques in Composite Structures
  21. Impact Problems
  22. Joints
  23. Laminated composites with material uncertainties
  24. Micromechanics
  25. Modeling, simulation and testing of sandwich and adaptive structures
  26. Modelling and Characterization of CNT-Polymer Composites
  27. Morphing of composites
  28. Multi-scale Modeling of Graphene- and Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Composites
  29. Multiscale Analysis of Natural Fibre Composites
  30. Nano-Composites
  31. Natural Fibre Composites
  32. Non-destructive Inspection Techniques for Composite Materials and Structures
  33. Optimization techniques and methods
  34. Porous and cellular materials
  35. Probabilistic modeling and reliability of composites
  36. Smart Composites
  37. Stability of Nano, Micro and Macro Composite Structures
  38. Structural Health Monitoring
  39. Thermal problems on Composite structures
  40. Variable Stiffness Composite Laminates
  41. Computational Mechanics in Manufacturing of Composite Structure 
  42. Nonlinear Elastic Waves in Composites
  43. Additive Manufacturing